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What Others Are Saying About Us

Over the years, LMI has made an impact on others in a variety of ways.  We have helped all kinds of different people, with all types of goals! See what others have to say!

Healing Journey

I was born into dysfunction, stress and separation which turned into abandonment, trust and daddy issues. I blamed him for what happened to me as a child. As a young child I was sexually abused and exposed to my father’s pornography stash by my biological older sister. This led to me being promiscuous and having anger issues. Being promiscuous and rebellious led me to being in multiple compromising situations where between 13-18 I was raped 3 times, each time by multiple men. I blamed myself every time so for years I never told any one. I walked around with guilt, shame, fear, mistrust, anger, and sometimes just wanting to die. 

That's just the START of my story. After children, abusive relationships and all kinds of other issues, I had quite a lot of healing to do. 
I came across the EQ for PTSD and Healing mastermind call that is offered by LMI. Something magical happened on that call where I realized that my healing really nis MY CHOICE! It has completely transformed my life!

So, thank you LMI for being a part of my story and my healing journey. I used to say I have a lifelong journey to healing ahead, now I can say that I am healed. I hope that my story encourages, inspires and motivates even just one other person to take responsibility for their healing and choose to be healed. “If you think you can you’re right, if you think you can’t you’re also right.”
With love,
Minister Jalisa Hardy, HHP
The Holistic Health Plug

"You can NEVER solve a problem on the level 
on which it was created!"

~Albert Einstein

What We Do!

Life Masteries Institute supports and works with MANY life-changing causes! One of our goals is not only to help the causes that we are passionate about, but to also help YOU support a cause that YOU are passionate about and that resonates with your life vision! Below are our three biggest causes that 
we are currently working on, but please take a look at our other causes as well to find the one 
that resonates with your heart!

Women Economic / Empowerment

Women are the caretakers of the world...but is anyone taking care of them? When women's voices are heard, are economically secure, live in a safe environment, and are living a joyous trickles down to everything around them! Just like the rest of the world, we love women and are focused on helping them in their weakest area:
     ~ Economic Stability / Independence
     ~ Safe Living Environment
     ~ Empowerment
     ~ Mental Health

Mental Health / Suicide

Mental health and suicide is rampant, and seems to be growing daily. One of our biggest beliefs is that those who suffer from mental health, suicidal thoughts, OR dealing with someone in their life who has committed suicide...need help to heal at the CORE! We are determined to help people truly heal instead of masking symptoms!  We are working to use technology and personalities to help people heal in the quiet of their own homes, while also bringing the world together!

Addictions / Substance Abuse

Addictions effect more families and individuals than we are truly aware of! A lot of shame and embarrassment comes along with addictions and substance abuse, which makes people keep very quiet about it...and struggle even more, for even longer! There is so much of a shameful stigma that comes with it...that many people cannot not even admit to themselves that they have an addiction or a problem with substance abuse. We want to help everyone, from the individual who is living with the addiction, to those who are closest to them, learn how to think about it in a very different way that helps to end the viscous cycle of substance abuse and addiction!

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Life Masteries Institute hosts numerous mastermind calls each week for many different topics! If you have never been a part of a mastermind group...they are VERY different than a networking group! While networking groups give you a fish, mastermind groups help you learn how to fish by working on your biggest challenges!

Have a Specific Topic You Would Like to be Covered in a Series?

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