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Make A Difference TODAY

Support a Non-Profit That 
Strives to Support You Back!

While Life Masteries Institute 501 (c)(3)  uses funds from our supporters to carry out many worthwhile causes, we also pride ourselves in 
doing all that we can to support our supporters back, and give them even more value then they give to LMI! We strive to help our 
supporters to live a life of influence, partner together, create a legacy, and achieve their life vision! When you support LMI, you 
are not just supporting worthwhile causes, you are also joining a family that is here for you as well!  

Our Four Cornerstones:

We support these four cornerstones of our foundation through many different projects, groups, helping others to think differently, and
technology! We strive to help businesses, community organizations, and at-risk groups partner together to achieve the
goals for each party and create win-win-win solutions for the benefit of families, individuals, and the community.

Live a Life of Influence

Partner Together

Create a Legacy

Achieve Life Vision

"You can NEVER solve a problem on the level 
on which it was created!"

~Albert Einstein

What Your Donation Helps 
to Accomplish:

Women Economic / Empowerment

    Do you have a heart to help women who are in abusive environments and / or want to help them to achieve financial independence? LMI helps to train women 
(at no cost) to start their own Executive Virtual Assistant / Virtual Assistant business that they can do at home, create their own hours, and still take care of their children while creating financial independence for themselves to either provide a better life for their children and / or leave an abusive home!

     We also provide them with billable work from the beginning and connections to possible clients so they can start earning money while they grow their business and clients!

Personality Technology

Why DO we do the things we do? Why are we able to get along so well with some people, and not seem to be able to get along with other people at all?  How can we truly understand ourselves on a much deeper level that will allow us to live up to our full potential?

We are currently building a free mobile app, Life GPS, that will help people to understand themselves on such a deep level through Personality Masteries, that they will not only be able to transform themselves so they can transform their lives and reach their dreams and goals, but also transform every relationship they have and every encounter with others!

Mental Health / Suicide / Addictions

Chances are, you actually know way more people than you realize who suffer from mental health, suicide, and / or addictions, whether it is themselves or a close family member! Most people are too ashamed to speak on it publicly....which is why we truly have no idea how many friends, family members, co-workers, etc we know that are struggling with this on some level! 

We are working on helping people to HEAL at a heart level, instead of just on the surface, in the comfort of their homes and completely private through our mobile app that we are currently building, but also through sharing stories from those who have been brave enough to speak out, and through discussions on these topics that are free to anyone!

And SO MUCH More!

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Life Masteries Institute hosts numerous mastermind calls each week for many different topics! If you have never been a part of a mastermind group...they are VERY different than a networking group! While networking groups give you a fish, mastermind groups help you learn how to fish by working on your biggest challenges!

Have a Specific Topic You Would Like to be Covered in a Series?

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